Dying Light – Buenas noches, buena suerte.

The subject of the „Dying Light Newsletter” is sending information by Techland in the form of electronic mail (e-mail), free of charge and without time-limit, to the user’s address by means of electronic mail, hereinafter referred to as the Dying Light Newsletter or Newsletter.

Newsletter includes information on the Dying Light game and commercial offers of internet and retail stores that allow the user to purchase the game in question.

The use of Newsletter by the users is voluntary and without time-limit.

For the purpose of providing the Newsletter, Techland is collecting and processing e-mail addresses from the users who gave their consent to such practices.

The sole administrator of the collected data is Techland. Each of the users of the Dying Light Newsletter is entitled to a change or deletion of their personal data provided in the Newsletter’s registration process and/or cancellation of the subscription of the service according to the Techland’s Privacy Policy and Newsletter Policy. The personal data (an e-mail address) is provided voluntarily, but the failure to acquire such data by Techland makes it impossible to provide the service. Each user of the Newsletter will receive an e-mail with a link enabling confirmation of the consents granted above and activation of the Newsletter. Failure to provide the confirmation in the form of clicking the activation link will result in deletion of the user’s e-mail address by Techland within 3 days following the submission of the link to the user.

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