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Bring a Friend

We are happy you decided to help us expand the ever-growing Dying Light community. Every time a Survivor recommends a friend to register on this docket site, we reward them both with a random gold-tier (rare) Dying Light weapon. Here’s how it works.

If you’re a Survivor who refers a friend, simply give them the link to this page and provide them with your Steam profile name, a PSN ID, or a gamertag, depending on the platform you play Dying Light on (PC, PS4, or Xbox One). After your friend activates their account, the docket will be added to your in-game inventory. Take this docket to a quartermaster to exchange it for a weapon (watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this page for details).

If you were referred by a Dying Light player, please follow these steps to create an account and claim a rare Dying Light weapon as a welcome gift.

Click the SIGN UP/LOG IN button at the top of this page to open the registration form.

Let us know who recommended this site to you. Enter their Steam profile name, a PSN ID, or a gamertag (depending on whether your friend plays Dying Light on a PC, a PS4, or an Xbox One) in the I WAS REFERRED BY field of the registration form. Please be extra careful when providing this information, because any typo will prevent us from confirming the referral and rewarding you both with a docket.

After you fill in and submit the registration form, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link. Click the link to complete the registration. Please check your spam folder in case you don’t receive the e-mail.

Once you activate your account, a docket will be added to your in-game inventory. See the video below for a tutorial on how to exchange the docket for a rare weapon.

If you encounter any problems, please visit the Dying Light support site.

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