Dying Light - Good Night, Good Luck.

Dying Light Newsletter Service Policy

  • The publisher of the Dying Light Newsletter is Techland Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Ostrow Wielkopolski, hereinafter „Techland”, who is the developer of the video game entitled Dying Light, published by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.
  • The subject of the „Dying Light Newsletter” is sending information by Techland in the form of electronic mail (e-mail), free of charge and without time-limit, to the user’s address by means of electronic mail, hereinafter referred to as the Dying Light Newsletter.
  • The condition required to use the service by the users is registering on the dyinglightgame.com website by providing an e-mail address and clicking the activation link send by Techland to the provided e-mail address.
  • Failure to provide the confirmation in the form of clicking the activation link will result in deletion of the user’s e-mail address by Techland within 3 days following the submission of the link to the user.
  • The Dying Light Newsletter includes information on the Dying Light game and commercial offers of internet and retail stores that allow the user to purchase the game in question.
  • Confirming your wish to receive the Dying Light Newsletter as set out in Section 3 of this Policy means that you agree to receive commercial information in the form of: the Dying Light Newsletter that includes information set forth in Section 5 of the Policy by means of electronic communication – following the provisions of the Act dated 18th July, 2002 on rendering services electronically (Dz. U. 2002, No. 144, item 1204 as amended).
  • The use of the Dying Light Newsletter by the user is dependent on the user having an active and correctly configured electronic mail account.
  • Each of the Dying Light Newsletter will include:
    • information on Techland as the sender
    • information on the Dying Light game and commercial offers of internet and retail stores connected to the game in question
    • information on how to cancel the subscription of the Dying Light Newsletter service
  • Each of the users of the Dying Light Newsletter is entitled to cancel the subscription of the service by sending an e-mail confirming their cancellation to Techland’s e-mail address provided in the Newsletter.
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